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About - Dew Diamonds

A Dedicated well established 10-Year-old company at your service.

Every piece of jewellery has the power to transport its wearer to a special moment in time, capturing happy memories and safeguarding a treasured relationships in every sparkling facet. More than – just jewellery manufacturing, DEW DIAMONDS is about developing jewellery design concepts that aims at creating its place and position in the jewellery industry. Every piece of jewellery has the power to transport its wearer to a special moment in time, capturing happy memories and safeguarding a treasured relationships in every sparkling facet.

Dew Diamonds

The man Behind DEW DIAMONDS

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    (Managing Director)

    An alchemist, a perfectionist, and above all a thoughtful and determined person, Mr. DANY JOHN is the man behind DEW DIAMONDS.

    Mr. DANY JOHN, with more than 15 years of experience of supplying jewellery in this industry observed and understood that the current needs of jewellery industry have changed with times.

  • Dew Diamonds

    Mr. Paul Thachil has been already recognized as a prominent leader and a best entrepreneur. He is a Business man with strong business ethics and social commitment. We can see the unique style of him in the entire business sector he enters. Dew Diamonds is one among this list. He had been honored by Government of Kerala, Department of Industries by giving the Best Entrepreneur award for the year 2011-12. Emerging Kerala added another laurel to his hat by giving the best CEO award for 2015. In 2017 he had been awarded the first Best Seller award of ”Vyapar” by the industrial department of Kerala.

  • DEW DIAMONDS forte lies to just in catering to its clients with a wide spectrum of jewellery designs but also by addressing the value parameters that tend to affect consumer demand for that product.

Why us?

The Demand of – Passion

Experienced designers then process it forward to jewellery artisans who have to follow all the quality standard parameters.

So, only after the work of a dedicated team, comes a moment of grace in which actual jewellery creation takes shape.

The Artisans ensure that every product is shaped in time- wheel of committed delivery schedule.

Every Piece of jewellery at
DEW DIAMONDS workshop is first conceptualized in
CAD drawings in Rhino and Matrix


Our respect for all stages in the journey of a jewellery from our home to yours is signified by our adherence to honesty and business ethics with utmost commitment.

Only those that meet and comply with the most demanding criteria are chosen, the artisans shall craft your jewellery piece individually for you and deliver a promise of perfection and confirm the pleasure and ease of business, now and always.

DEW DIAMONDS values the supremely precious nature of diamonds, other precious gems and gold.

Dew Diamonds

Manufacturing Set-Up — To Ease Your Business

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    10,000 sqft manufacturing setup with latest technology

  • Dew Diamonds


    DEW DIAMONDS has 100 skilled workers who work towards delivering the product in a committed timeline

  • Dew Diamonds


    A dedicated Team of over 20 personnel in product development.

  • Dew Diamonds


    Illustration and interpretation of designers to create samples correctly the first time.

  • Dew Diamonds


    CAD capabilities in Rhino and Matrix

  • Dew Diamonds


    Two in-house rapid prototyping machines

  • Dew Diamonds


    3D scanners and freeform modelling

  • Dew Diamonds


    Dedicated model makers and sampling departments

  • Dew Diamonds


    Stringent quality check of every single product through dedicated customer centric quality check points

DEW DIAMONDS – Worldwide Exposure

DEW DIAMONDS has dedicated team of merchandisers that specialize in different genres.With a worldwide exposure and experience in supplying to different parts of the world, DEW DIAMONDS Is driven by global market intelligence.

It’s about assessing market trends to capture the market by capturing hearts, not just in words but in action.

Dew Diamonds